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From working 7 days a week to time for selfcare, family and travel – Sid’s Story

I would like to introduce you to one of my favourite clients, Sid. Apart from being a thoroughly lovely human being, he implemented every step I suggested for him and fully embraced the whole process. His results speak for themselves.

When I met Sid, he was working 7 days a week, most days until 10pm or later and told that me that this wasn’t even enough. He not only ran his main will writing business but also several other businesses, one of which required him to make regular trips to India. He tried to work on all his businesses but didn’t find the time to do so; he barely saw his family and had close to no time for himself.

After only a few weeks, he started taking Sundays off and shortly afterwards his late nights became a thing of the past as well. He found time to go to the gym regularly, meditate and journal. He now spends time with his family and even while he’s travelling, both for business and privately still keeps up with his routines and gets enough done to keep everything ticking over.

On top of that, he's now making good progress in all of his ventures.

In his own words: “I would highly recommend Isi and her program is a must-do for any business owner or anyone struggling with their time and would need better tools to manage their days and life.” Pop over to my LinkedIn profile to read his full testimonial.


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