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less stress
more time
for you


one off

focus session

Suitable for individuals who need to fix one particular issue to get more done.


You've got systems in place that work for you but there's that one issue you can't seem to fix. 

Examples: distractions, a bad working habit, a lack of planning, etc.

3 month


Suitable for individuals who need to reduce stress levels, get back to "normal" working hours and get their life back.

Your work has taken over your life. You work evenings and weekends; holidays are a distant memory. You always feel behind and in need of catching up. Your systems need a serious overhaul or you're even thinking "what systems?".

Time to ... Club
for business owners

This course is for you if you have decided to work from home but need to make it work better for you.

Your productivity has dropped and you find yourself working longer and longer hours just to catch up and not fall further behind. Endless distractions at home keep you from getting things done for your job or your business.


Having a small team still meant that each person was handling work in a different way, some more efficient than others. I wanted the opportunity to get together with them and with an expert on productivity to see how we worked and what improvements could be made. I have known Isi for many years and had no hesitation in engaging her services to do just this. She communicated with each individual then as a group. We learnt how each other worked and Isi put together a strategy for working more efficient. This was also followed up on later in time. I would highly recommend her services to assist anyone looking to use their time more effectively.

Haidee Watson, Director, Adcock Accounting

Isi recently provided our team with a productivity training session which was beneficial to everyone in our team. Working in the Lettings industry, we are constantly being distracted from completing tasks throughout our working days and week. Isi was able to provide us with some solutions to help us be more productive during our working week and I have no doubt it will help us grow and be more efficient. The training felt bespoke to us as a company as Isi give us all the questionnaire to fill in prior to the training session, she was also very organised and professional throughout the whole process. I would recommend Isi to anyone who wants to make full use of the time they have during their working week and wants to be more productive!

Chris Williams, Lettings Manager, Kingswood Residential Investment Management

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