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Are you trying to get more done in less time but don't know where to start?

You can stop worrying. Here are the tools to get you started.

Are you struggling to get all the stuff done that work and life throw at you? You are not alone. To make life a little easier, I have created the Ultimate Productivity Bundle. It consists of 12 documents and templates that can help you to


  • get more of the important stuff done

  • be less stressed and

  • have more time for the things you really love to do

Here's what's included (all files are in pdf format). Each of the templates comes with a "how to" guide so can use them exactly how they were intended. Alternatively (if you're a free spirit) use them as they best serve your purposes:

  • A time management self assessment - find out what particular skills you need to work on

  • Time Management - an exhaustive list of guidelines, habits, skills and things to avoid, if you want to get more done

  • 35 Easy Tips to Increase your Productivity - Try these tips to help you take control of your day and accomplish more

  • Procrastinate No More & Create the Life You Want - If procrastination is your main issue, then you definitely want to start here.

  • Time Management Strategies for Working Parents - Balance the many areas of your life, reduce stress, and get it all done with these strategies.

  • Weekly Productivity Planner (includes link to Google Sheets) - I designed this weekly planner to get the most out of each week without losing sight of long term goals

  • 6-Week / 3-Month Sprint - Great planning tool to break down your goals or projects into manageable steps. 

  • Annual / Monthly Goals - Create goals for every month or break down your annual goal into monthly sub-goals.

  • Accountability Planner for Goal Setting - Create an action plan for each of your goals and keep yourself accountable with regular progress checks.

  • Savings Tracker - Trying to save up for something? This cute tracker will keep you going until you reach your savings goals.

  • Brain Dump - If you need a place to empty your brain on a regular basis, this Brain Dump sheet will keep all your thoughts contained in one place. A great basis for planning.

  • Set Up for the Month - Get your mindset right at the beginning of the month with this useful tool.

What Clients are saying:

Pam Pearce writer.jpg

Pam Pearce, Author and PR Expert

Isi’s bundle of stuff offers some great tips and tricks on how to get organised and has helped me a great deal.

Isi’s productivity planner I found especially useful. It has space for me to detail how to make improvements, chart my progress and give myself rewards - as well as the all-important to do lists.

She reminds you that when you are busy doing the job, it is vital to look at the bits round the edges of your life and put your tasks in context. Isi also just happens to be a wonderful and kind person too.

This whole bundle of resources can be yours for only £5.

Simple click the Add to Cart button below to get started.

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