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Suitable for businesses of any size who want to their employees to be less stressed, achieve more and help the business grow. 


Your employees work hard but they feel overwhelmed and stressed. You want them to achieve a better work-life balance, get more done during the workday so that they can take enough time to relax. This in turn will improve their productivity. Win-win.

Workshops are highly personalised to your business and your staff.

Max number per workshop 10 participants.

A variety of packages is available on request.


Motivational and educational keynotes for your events. 

Click here to download my Speaker Sheet for more details.


Having a small team still meant that each person was handling work in a different way, some more efficient than others. I wanted the opportunity to get together with them and with an expert on productivity to see how we worked and what improvements could be made. I have known Isi for many years and had no hesitation in engaging her services to do just this. She communicated with each individual then as a group. We learnt how each other worked and Isi put together a strategy for working more efficient. This was also followed up on later in time. I would highly recommend her services to assist anyone looking to use their time more effectively.

Haidee Watson, Director, Watson Knipe Accounting

Isi recently provided our team with a productivity training session which was beneficial to everyone in our team. Working in the Lettings industry, we are constantly being distracted from completing tasks throughout our working days and week. Isi was able to provide us with some solutions to help us be more productive during our working week and I have no doubt it will help us grow and be more efficient. The training felt bespoke to us as a company as Isi give us all the questionnaire to fill in prior to the training session, she was also very organised and professional throughout the whole process. I would recommend Isi to anyone who wants to make full use of the time they have during their working week and wants to be more productive!

Chris Williams, Lettings Manager, Kingswood Residential Investment Management

One of the challenges that we are grappling with is supporting productivity and work-life balance in a hybrid working environment. Through the last couple of months we've worked with Isi Dixon to better understand the challenges faced in all of our teams, and what we can do to better support team leaders and staff members. Through workshops tailored to team needs based on surveys completed by each team member Isi was able to help lift the lid on the challenges in each team. Isi's practical tips and tactics have been valued by staff and team leaders alike, and helped us make the next step in our journey.

Will Robert, Chief Operating Officer, Youth Sport Trust

I organised Isi's Productivity training for our staff team, and I am delighted to be able to share such positive feedback on behalf of myself and those who participated.

Although we were well briefed on the scope of the training, it was difficult to know exactly what it would look like and how valuable it would be, but it surpassed all expectations. It was incredibly useful, surfacing key themes affecting productivity and packed full of ideas, techniques and practical suggestions to improve productivity. The training was delivered very supportively in a way that wasn't prescriptive (although there were a few things Isi strongly recommends!) - Isi formulates the training to ensure everyone gets something out of it and provides a toolkit for people to draw on in ways that work for them personally. The training also served to draw out how closely linked techniques to improving productivity are to techniques for improving wellbeing - an interconnectivity I hadn't appreciated prior to the training.

We were interested in the training because we're a very busy and ambitious team who give a lot of ourselves to our cause and work. Workload can feel overwhelming at times and like there is never enough hours in the day and in this context, it was important that our team were, and felt, equipped to be as productive as possible. The training definitely delivered this, but more than this, reminded us all that amidst working passionately to support others, that it is important to take care of ourselves - in fact, it's vital both for ourselves and for our charity.
Immediately after the sessions, I implemented some of the ideas shared in the session and haven't looked back. New habits are difficult to embed, but I believe in their value so am working extra hard not to slip into old (bad) habits and to lead by example. I will also be leading on a follow-on piece of work to ensure the team are continually reminded of the content of Isi's session and that the charity fully encourages and supports healthy ways of working.

Claire Hislop, Head of Operations, Solving Kids' Cancer

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