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From chaotic to expert in personal productivity

While I grew up, I was always in trouble for forgetting things, I was always late, and I was known as the unreliable one as I get side-tracked very easily. This was not due to not caring, I’m simply not graced with very good memory or sense of time; that’s my natural default, not much I can do about that.

But as I stumbled into adulthood I realised that I needed to get my act together if I was ever going to have any semblance of success. So I learned everything I could about the topic of time management and personal productivity. They say that you become an expert on a subject once you have invested around 10,000 hours studying it. I have honestly never counted my invested hours, but I passed 10,000 many moons ago, I’m sure.

As a matter of fact, I not only learned about it, but I also became fascinated by it and totally enjoyed the journey to turn my life around to become a full functioning adult who people can rely on and who gets stuff done.

I also discovered that I have a real knack for explaining and teaching (I even have the qualification to prove that!). So when it came to figuring out what I really wanted to do in life, I realised that I could teach this skill to other people. If I could learn it, then so can anyone else.

I also learned very quickly that everyone is different when it comes to this stuff, so my approach has always been very much tailored to the individual.

All in all I love what I do and I’m pretty good at it, and my testimonials show that, too. Just go have a look at my LinkedIn testimonials section, if you want to find out what others are saying.


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