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FAQ: How much time could I save if I used your techniques?

This is a question I get asked quite a lot. People want to know whether this works and whether it’s worth the effort, which I totally understand. Changing habits isn’t the easiest thing and it’d better be worth it, right?

With that in mind, let me first of all say that any results you achieve will be down to you. If you don’t implement what I teach, then nothing I tell you will make any difference. However, if you commit to making changes to your mindset and your habits, you can see changes quite quickly.

On average, people save at least one hour per day at a minimum even after implementing only one or two suggestions. The more you implement (over time) the more productive you will become and if you don’t add to your to-do list, the more time you will save.

Of course, most people get excited about being able to get more done in the same amount of time and very quickly increase the number of tasks they can get done.

The most common thing that gets added is anything to do with working “on the business” and being able to take time to create new strategies and new products or services, in other words growing the business which before was only possible with working even longer hours into the night and on weekends.

This is closely followed by finally being able to take time out for yourself, such as going to the gym and other forms of selfcare.


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